Rustam Minnikhanov hands in National Awards of Tatarstan for Science and Technology

9 February 2018, Friday

On February 9, in the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov handed in National Awards of Tatarstan for Science and Technology 2017.

In his welcoming speech, Tatarstan President emphasized that the laureates of the state award are recognized professionals in the world scientific community, experts of the highest level.

"Your achievements are the result of painstaking and hard work, scientific research and tireless exploratory activity. We are proud of your progresses and contribution to the development of modern science and technology," Minnikhanov emphasized.

There are three works in medicine among the highlighted ones. These are investigations of scientists and specialists of the National Medical Research Center for Cardiology (Moscow) and the Kazan Medical Instrument Plant led by the doctor of medical sciences and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Renat Akchurin (“Research, development and introduction into clinical practice of new microsurgical technologies and instruments for the treatment of vascular and coronary diseases”). Research of the Kazan State Medical Academy (“Birth injuries of the central nervous system. Multidisciplinary approach, early diagnosis, system of prevention and phased rehabilitation ",led by doctor of medical sciences Elena Morozova). Joint work of Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Kazan State Medical University and Novosibirsk National Research State University on the theme “Polyfunctional nanosystems for innovative development of biocatalysis and biomedical technologies” (led by Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Luytsia Zakharova).

He noted that the development of the real sector of the economy requires maximum interaction with scientific and technical thought. It is confirmed by the development and industrial implementation of a complex of technologies to increase the rate of oil extraction and the degree of oil recovery in the Tatarstan deposits, which already has a positive economic effect: over 6.7 million tonnes of additionally extracted oil, the income was over 5.5 billion rubles. Representatives of Tatneft Oil Company were also awarded a prize for this development (Head, Doctor of Technical Sciences Azat Zaripov).

“Scientific schools of various directions are developing in Tatarstan. This indicates that your research and development activities are in demand and play a significant role in promotion of scientific knowledge, upbringing of the scientific staff, positively affect the development of the economic sector, improve the living standards in the country," Minnikhanov added. “Dear laureates! I congratulate all of you on well-deserved awards. I wish you further success and new discoveries. "

Then, the awards ceremony took place. As many as 33 specialists became laureates of National Awards of the Republic of Tatarstan for Science and Technology this year.

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