Rustam Minnikhanov visits a modernized workshop at the Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant

13 February 2018, Tuesday

On February 13, during his working trip to Zelenodolsk municipal region of the republic, Tatarstan President Rutam Minnikhanov visited the Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant.

Tatarstan President was shown a modernized plumbers shed, which is one of the unique facilities to produce, assemble and test pipelines, ship power plants, general ship systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, to make ship products, parts and outfitting units in all ships under construction and repair.

Minnikhanov was informed that as part of the repair work, the roofing, storage facilities were completely renovated, and the workshop was technically re-equipped.  The utilities facilities were improved as well.

Then,Tatarstan President took part in a meeting on the establishment of the Ak Bars shipbuilding corporation. Director General of Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant Renat Mistakhov noted the main strategic task, which is to increase the share of civil shipbuilding up to 30 per cent.

"We are analyzing the benefits of uniting and establishing a single corporation. We see its work in four areas, including design, shipbuilding, production of kits, ship repair and maintenance," Mistakhov said.

Tatarstan President appreciated the initiative of the company's management. "Strategically, this is very correct," Minnikhanov stressed. He also noted the importance of developing the civil shipbuilding.

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