Rustam Minnikhanov: After repairing and improving the Kazan National Cultural Centre, the National Library will be located there

10 October 2018, Wednesday

On October 10, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov looked around the renovated public garden and hill near the Kazan National Cultural Centre.

The improvement of the territorry was financed by TAIF Production and Investment Company as part of charitable activities.

The discussion regarding the landscaping of the hill adjacent to the Fuchs public garden in the centre of Kazan started in June 2017, when Minnikhanov together with senior managers of TAIF Company inspected the construction of a multi-level underground parking near the Kazan National Centre.

In connection with numerous appeals from residents of Kazan, as well as part of their charitable activities, the TAIF Group and Tatnefteprovodstroy granted funds to improve the site.

It took a little more than a year to renovate the territory covering 30,800 square meters. According to TAIF, the landscaping of the public garden and the hill cost 123.4 million roubles.

After looking around the improved territory,  Minnikhanov shared his impressions. “I think that everyone who will be here will assess the facility,” Tatarstan President said.  “This is a modern excellent parking for almost 1,000 cars, where car wash and other conditions, including for electric cars, are provided. It is possible to exit the parking in both directions, and most importantly, it all meets the accessible environment requirements. I would like to thank TAIF Company both for having built this complex and having improved the adjacent territory, including the landscaping of the river bank. I am sure this place will be a worthy decoration of our city. ”

According to Minnikhanov, the next step is to reconstruct the Kazan National Cultural Centre. He said that after repairing and improving the centre, the National Library will be located there.

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