Rustam Minnikhanov hands in National Awards of Tatarstan for Science and Technology

8 February 2019, Friday

On February 8, in the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov handed in National Awards of Tatarstan for Science and Technology.

Welcoming the laureates and guests, Tatarstan President emphasized that it is symbolic that the awards are handed in on the Day of Russian Science.

“The development prospects of Tatarstan are associated with the achievements in the scientific area. One of the tasks of the Strategy 2030 is to increase the efficiency of scientific discoveries and researches. The projects of our main industries, namely, oil production and petrochemistry became laureates of Tatarstan National Awards for Science and Technology this year. This indicates the strengthening of the links between science and the real economy,” Minnikhanov said.

Tatarstan President noted that the oil production amounts to 22 per cent in the total industrial output and the volume of shipped products amounts to 623 billion roubles. A total of 36 m 400 thousand tonnes of oil were produced in 2018.

“Today, the main emphasis is placed on the development of tight oil reserves and the production of super-viscous oils. A team of researchers of Tatneft Oil Company developed and implemented on an industrial scale a complex of efficient technologies and scientifically based methods providing the restriction of water inflow and increasing oil recovery. The economic benefit of the integration of new technologies amounted to 1.5 billion roubles and 1 million 200 thousand tonnes of oil were produced,” Minnikhanov continued.

Tatarstan President also noted that petrochemistry and chemistry amount to 15 per cent in the total industrial output of the republic and ensure the industrial output amounted to 340 billion roubles.

The teamwork of researchers of Nizhnekamskneftekhim Petrochemical Company and Evrokhim Scientific and Production Association for waste processing from the oil refining and chemical was also highly awarded.

 “This work has no analogues in the world, and besides the economic benefit, we also see an absolute social impact,” Minnikhanov said.

Tatarstan President wished everyone success and further scientific discoveries.

In response, representatives of research teams thanked the leadership of the republic for the high appreciation of their work.

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