Rustam Minnikhanov at the 49th meeting of Tatarstan State Council of the fifth convocation: The work of parliament members was very productive over the past years

11 July 2019, Thursday

On July 11, speaking at the 49th meeting of Tatarstan State Council of the fifth convocation and summing up the results of the work of parliament members of the convocation, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov thanked everyone for their fruitful work.

According to him, the joint work of all branches of government helped to ensure the successful socio-economic development of the republic and steadily solve the problem of improving the quality of life of the population.

Economic growth has been ensured under difficult conditions over these years, Minnikhanov said. Thus, according to the results of the last year, the gross regional product exceeded 2.4 trillion roubles. Tatarstan consistently occupies a leading position in the National Rating of the Investment Climate among Russian regions. Since 2015, over 2.5 trillion roubles investment have been attracted to the economy and social sphere of the republic.

Tatarstan President said that Strategy-2030 adopted has been implemented in the region for 4 years.

Speaking about the implementation of national projects in Tatarstan, Minnikhanov said that over 52 billion roubles will be allocated for these purposes.

Due to the achievements in the economy, the quality of life of our citizens is improving, Tatarstan President said. He added that the work under 40 investment programmes with a volume of over 40 billion roubles will be continued this year.

“Today, Tatarstan is one of the dynamically developing regions of Russia, where it is prestigious to live and work. The republic has become the venue for the world and All-Russian championships and forums. This is the main result of the coordinated work of all branches and levels of government — our work with you,” Minnikhanov said.

Thus, members of the parliament adopted over 500 laws over 5 years. First of all, these are the laws of the economic block, ensuring the development of the republic.

During the 5th convocation, many projects on the development of culture, education, the revival of spirituality and the preservation of intangible cultural heritage have found a solution.

According to Tatarstan President, in general, the work of Tatarstan State Council was very productive over the past years.

Minnikhanov also said that on September 8, elections of people’s deputies of Tatarstan State Council of the new convocation will be held. He expressed confidence that the best, energetic representatives of the multinational people of Tatarstan will come to the parliament.

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