Rustam Minnikhanov visits the Kamalia leisure and development centre in Chistopol

31 August 2019, Saturday

On August 31, in Chistopol, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov visited the Kamalia leisure and development centre.

The centre located in a historic building erected in 1847. As many as 200 people can visit the centre at the same time. The focus areas of the centre are theater, robotics, IT, oratory, children's creativity, foreign languages ​​(Arabic, English, Turkish).

In general, the activities of the Kamalia leisure and development centre are aimed at strengthening the institution of the family, and the intellectual and creative development of children and adolescents. Representatives of various faiths and ethnicities can study at the centre.

There is a Kamalia children's club, a dining room for 40 people, a museum of Tatar culture on the ground floor of the centre.  There is an assembly hall, a theater room, a sound/video recording studio, a room for studying foreign languages ​​and cultures and other facilities on the second floor.

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